Flu & Cold fighter Protocol. You’ll be surprised!

The Nellyfizzle flu & cold Protocol!

Ginger Tea– I drink a piping hot cup of flu tea at the first sign of symptoms. If I’m at work I usually get the ginger boost at, Wellness Warehouse.  Alternatively, check the recipe at the end of this article for my home made cold and flu fighter!

A green immune booster– My go-to green juice is, the super duper green juice, from Wellness Warehouse and I take it a few hours after my Flu tea.

Wellness warehouse cafe menu flu circled ginger boost and super super green juice
Circled are my 2 favourite immune boosting drinks. click here for full menu https://www.zomato.com/capetown/wellness-warehouse-gardens/menu

Sugar– I try to stay away from sugar because sugar feeds bad bacteria. If I want something sweet I’ll get something with honey or stevia. I LOVE this organic chocolate made with honey it is my go-to chocolate ->  https://gayleensdecadence.co.za/

Rest– As soon as I start feeling sick I immediately take the day off. I put ALL my clothes on, hop into bed and switch my favourite TV series on! Viruses die in hot temperatures. So I shoot my body temp up and let the Sweat-a-thon commence. Also make sure to change clothes regularly as to not sweat toxins out only to reabsorb them.

Water– I sufficiently hydrate because I’ll be sweating buckets.  Water is needed for every SINGLE bodily function.

Kombucha tea– I drink at least 500ml a day when I’m sick. I get Kombucha tea with turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper already added.  Kombucha tea is filled with good bacteria for your gut and a healthy gut is integral to immune function. https://www.wellnesswarehouse.com/shop/search/kombucha

Kombucha tea organic chocolate and a shoe flu
My favourite Kombucha tea by, Theonista. Gayleens decadence is an organic chocolate. Both products can be found at, Wellness Warehouse see link above.


Garlic with everything– Garlic is a potent antimicrobial that kills bacteria, viruses AND fungi. I chew it raw with meals.

Vitamin C– I take a 1000mg of Vitamin C after everything I eat.

Vitamin D3– Unbeknownst to many, there is a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic. VitD is an awesome antimicrobial agent that helps kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. I usually take 5000iu daily, If I feel sick I take 2 split doses to ramp up. Best source of vitamin D is actually sunlight. So if you feel sick maybe go lay out side and catch some rays (without sunblock).

Probiotics– I also up my probiotic to twice a day.

Maybe all you need is Yourself!

Not looking at my phone or social media– Why? Stress inhibits recovery. In fact, stress could be the main reason your immune system isn’t functioning properly! So put your phone down, stay away from any potentially negative influences or responsibilities you may have for a moment and love yourself!

Self talk– I’m nice to myself. I tell my body it’s going to be fine, I’m giving it everything I can and that I respect the process. It’s important to understand how intelligent your body is and to respect this intelligence. Flood it with positive energy to counter any emotional stresses you may have been placing on it.

If you’re getting sick it’s your body telling you something is wrong. You need to help yourself get better don’t try and be a hero because you’ll just end up being a fool! Go home. Work can wait. People can wait. Your health comes first. Namaste in bed yo!

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