How do I start going Gluten free?


Once you’ve decided to go gluten free ( not sure yet? read this should i go gluten free? ), you have to learn how to read labels! This is very important and you may find yourself in a pickle more often than you’d like to be. But trust me, pickles are a much sexier place to be than graves (Dramatic? I think not). If it doesn’t say gluten-free, then it’s not. Beware of eating out and picking gluten free options, they’re most likely not 100% gluten free. You may find they use the same gluten containing sauce on your food, your meat may be non-organic grain (gluten containing) fed etc.…  https://www.facebook.com/theallergenbaker/

Double check ingredients, there could be something in there that you don’t like!


The gluten those animals that you eat, ingested, doesn’t magically get farted out. It’s in the meat you consume. So you have to make sure whatever you’re eating is grass fed. Now this is also a controvesial topic but the doctors specializing in gluten sensitivities agree that organic,grass fed meat, is a better approach.

Gluten is a sneaky bastard. Gluten once told me he loved me, he lied, he loved watching me lust after him even after he’d physically punch me in the stomach. Physical abuse is punishable by law. Also, narcissism is my least favourite ex-boyfriend trait.

I’m reading labels, now what?

Gluten free shopping

You need to get acquainted with all the shops in your area! Check them ALL out! You never know who’s selling gluten free options. Find a local bakery that you can run to whenever you feel the need for some GF bread (Girlfriend bread actually has a nice comforting ring to it). Know where you can get all your GF drinks, sauces, baked goods, meat and meat products (if you consume these), munchies etc.… NEVER BE IN A SITUATION WHERE YOU’RE STUCK WITH NO OPTIONS. TEMPTATION IS A BIATCH. Some places to stop at if you’re in need, website followed by location:

Knead bakery in Palmyra Junction https://www.kneadbakery.co.za/  https://goo.gl/maps/28mFuv5DwcU2 

Coimbra Bakery in Claremont http://www.coimbrabakery.co.za/ https://goo.gl/maps/WA5379eyPHF2

Wellness Warehouse in Claremont https://www.wellnesswarehouse.com/ https://goo.gl/maps/pRQSFnYu4uF2

Engine Garage in Claremont  https://goo.gl/maps/X8mEbX7kA6x

Wake and Bake

You can’t use utensils, pots and pans, plates etc.… where gluten containing foods were. They will have to be washed thoroughly. This even means toasters.

You will need to buy your spice from a real spice shop that can guarantee they haven’t added something extra to fill up the packet. You know how they love to “play us like dat.” Cape Spice Emporium in Claremont https://goo.gl/maps/PhCgrQVmedn

A chocolate cake on a white plate with a piece cut out of it and placed on another plate.
Betty Bakes Sweet potato chocolate cake. Although I don’t eat starch, I thought this would be a great option for all of you who do!

You can inhale gluten- seriously, so many people who used to work in kitchens are speaking up about how ill they felt and how much their lives have changed since they don’t work with flour anymore. Rather don’t bake your Mom that cake she wants for her 60th, give her and yourself the gift of a clear mind and try this recipe instead- http://www.bettybake.co.za/2012/09/baked-sweet-potato-chocolate-cake.html


How should you start: Begin by throwing out all those toxic gluten filled foods and drinks in your house and immediately replace them! Always have them in stock because you never know when you may need something! The next post will be about how you can substitute your current food choices with healthier gluten free alternatives <3

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