Hot Peanut Chocolate

Hot Peanut Chocolate

Its winter now and our kettle has been misused and abused! To say the least. You can only have so much tea and hot chocolate… no seriously… variety is the spice of life people! Also I have to admit, the main reason for my experimenting has been my new rusk addiction… yes… I’m addicted to rusks!! You come home to your husband, I come home to my edible stones…  Also, hot cocoa is SO last winter! Have you tried this vegan Hot chocolate with a twist? Try my Hot Peanut Chocolate, you won’t be disappointed. If you like the Oreo cookie in this blog- stay tuned for next week where I show you how to make it! During my next few recipes, I will tell a story about soulmates. And in every episode you will witness the perfect marriage of flavours! Check it out 😉


Serves 1 thirsty person or 2 semi thirsty people

1½ cups unsweetened almond milk

handful of chopped dairy free chocolate or cacao nibs

1 tablespoon agave syrup (Can be subtituted with maple/honey/stevia or any sweetner of your choice!)

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 tablespoon peanut butter

splash vanilla extract -optional

2 transparent glasses with peanut butter hot chocolate in them, standing on a stone place mat with flowers and books next to it.
Its creamy and super chocolatey! There are few who can resist the combination of peanut butter and chocolate! We just weren’t made to resist that kind of temptation!

Heat the almond milk in a small pot until its hot but not boiling hot! Then add in the chocolate/cacao nibs (I personally use cacao nibs), cocoa powder, vanilla extract and agave and stir until chocolate has melted (if you’re using cacao nibs such as myself, make sure the cacao has softened sufficiently!)

Remove the pot from the stove, add peanut butter and stir.

Microwave (15-20 seconds) or melt some peanut butter (Place in a cup or bowl immersed in some hot water until melted or keep next to the stove whilst cooking) and drizzle it along the sides of your cup.

Then pour in your Hot cocoa… Afiyet Olsun!

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